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Warzone Update re-balances the Weapon Meta

Raven Software has released a new Warzone Update Patch to balance the new meta of the third Season. Here are the most important changes from the Patch Notes.

Warzone Update

The newest Warzone Update is live and has changed the weapon meta significantly. Besides smaller adjustments of Gameplay and several bugfixes, the patch mainly nerfs AMAX, FARA and Streetsweeper.

The Hauer 77 has been added to the loot list and can now be found in different rarities in Verdansk. At the same time the Streetsweeper and the Bullfrog are no longer lootable in the Battle Royale, Raven Software also adjusted their attachements.


Several bugs were fixed on the map on new Warzone Update. Players will no longer be able to get out of bounds on, and characters will also be displayed in the proper resolution at the beginning.

The bug that caused several attachments to reduce instead of improve the ADS Speed and fire rate for AK-47, FARA 83, XM4 and RPD was also fixed.


To introduce more variety for long range assault rifles, Raven Software reduced the damage of the AMAX by one from 32 to 31.


To bring the FARA more in line with the initial concept of a secondary weapon for close quarters the developers also nerfed it slightly. The headshot multiplicator was reduced from 1.5 to 1.35 while the ADS speed was reduced by seven percent.


The Streetsweaper now has heavier recoil in addition to a larger spread. To complete the nerfs Raven also reduced the ADS speed.


The maximal damage from the Bullfrog was reduced from 34 to 32. Effective damage range was increased by 11% and ADS movement speed by 1%. To further increase the viability of the weapon they also increased the sprint speed by 13%.


The patch has also changed quite a few attachments in Warzone. So make sure to double-check your loadouts for your favourite weapons. Especially the Raider and Spetsnaz shafts were hit quite hard.

You can find the full Patch Notes here

Image Credits: Activision, Raven Software.

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