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The Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

The Best Gaming Chairs in 2021 are a great accessory for your home office. It’s light years ahead of a kitchen chair for play sessions. But the best gaming chairs also make solid day job seats, if you work from home more often or spend a whole lot of time on the best gaming PC or best gaming laptop.

The Best Gaming Chairs in 2021

The Best Gaming Chair in 2021 –  Whether you’re playing games with a shiny new PS5 or Xbox Series X, or a trusty gaming PC, you should be sitting comfortably in one of The Best Gaming Chairs in 2021 are a great accessory for your home office.

It’s light years ahead of a kitchen chair for play sessions. But the best gaming chairs also make solid day job seats, if you work from home more often or spend a whole lot of time on the best gaming PC or best gaming laptop.

It’s far superior to gaming on the couch for extended periods of time that can wreak havoc on your back.

Gaming chairs are all designed with more backrests that’ll support your entire back.

Additionally, the cushions you’ll find on the seats of these pieces of furniture are a bit firmer than your average armchair or even office chair.

Gaming chairs are becoming more and more popular, and we’ve rounded up a selection of the latest and best models on the market in 2021. If you’re on the hunt for a bargain, take a look at the best gaming chair deals.

What is the Best Gaming Chair?

The best gaming chair can really round off your PC gaming setup and, conversely, prevent you from rounding off your spine.

A quality seat makes a huge difference when you’re spending all day at your desk.

This is why one of the first things to consider is how much you want your gaming chair to look like a gaming chair.

Top Picks for the Best Gaming Chair

At first glance, gaming chairs don’t look all that different from desk chairs. They’re typically pretty large, with backrests that extend high enough to support your head, along with large armrests and a swiveling base with wheeled castors that let you roll and spin freely (with one exception: the stationary Respawn-900 Gaming Recliner).

You’ve probably seen “executive” office chairs that look pretty similar. Gaming chairs have a few key differences, though. Differences that we will show you throughout this review.

A Comfortable, Long-Lasting Gaming Chair

Secretlab Titan

Seat type: Racing back, levelled seat base | Recline: 165 degrees | Weight capacity: 290 lbs | Weight: 77 lbs | Available colors: Black, Cookies and cream, Charcoal Blue

Secretlab has floated to the top by injecting some much-needed quality into the gaming chair scene, which will cost more than you might be used to paying for a chair.

(Though, half as much as the most premium chairs.) The Secretlab Titan offers a good range of adjustability and proper support, combined with a gaming aesthetic, and some neat touches that add a high-end feel.

The Secretlab Titan is the middle offering in Secretlab’s line-up and it’s built for people between 5’9″ and 6’7″ in height and under 290 pounds; Folks who are 5’11” and shorter, and under 240 pounds, can go for the Secretlab Omega. If you’re between 5’11” and 6’10”, and up to 390 pounds, then the Secretlab Titan XL is an option.



A perfectly fine chair for gaming

Edge GX1

Seat type: Back and Seat Tilting | Recline: 18 degree backrest  | Weight capacity: 440 lbs | Weight: 60 lbs | Available colors: Red, Green, Blue, Black

As gamers, tethering ourselves to our PCs often for hours at a time, we need support but also a chair that doesn’t restrict our movements.

Not only does the bucket seat design force your legs together but EDGE contends that the shoulder supports of standard gaming chairs can also restrict arm movements to the detriment of your gaming prowess.

You might also notice that there’s no obvious lumbar support. It does exist but has been built into the GX1 rather than serving as a floating extra cushion, and is a little weird. It’s weird because the lumbar support is inflatable. 



Sporty design with premium quality materials

Secretlab Omega

Seat type: Racing seat | Recline: 165 degrees | Weight capacity: 240 lbs | Weight: 66 lbs | Available colors: Stealth, Classic, Amber, Royal, Ash, Black

With premium faux leather, pillows that could make your bed envious and enough armrest control to make you rethink chairs, the Secretlab Omega 2020 gaming chair ($359) will give you (another) excuse to sit in front of the PC for hours.

In general, the Secretlab gaming chair is rather straightforward to put together. The chair is delivered in a very secure box, featuring rather alarming stickers that inform you not to pull a certain lever until you fully assemble the product.

The Secretlab Omega 2020 Series is a snug luxury chair with superb ergonomic features. You can adjust the backrest, the seat angle, the height of the chair, and the padded 4D armrests. This gives you a full range of options to align the chair with your desk, computer screen, and your body.



Is is an excellent chair that has a good range of movement.

Noblechairs Epic Black Edition

Seat type: Racing seat | Recline: 135 degrees | Weight capacity: 264 lbs | Weight: 62 lbs | Available colors: Black

The renewed Black Edition has been upgraded with the brand new hybrid material with pro-active breathing properties that enable the chair to ventilate. What these microspores translate to is a great sweat-proof experience.

With the arrival of the Black Edition, the noblechairs EPIC range is receiving a visual and material upgrade. The new and unique upholstery belongs to the next generation of breathable seating materials.

This innovative hybrid material from Germany that consists of an ingenious blend of vinyl and polyurethane manages to offer the very best characteristics of both. The end result is an ultra-soft surface that is exceptionally durable.

Additionally, the new stainless steel grips, the visually more stunning wheelbase, the improved armrests and metallic-look belt pass-throughs help round out this premium upgrade to an already high-quality gaming chair.”



Is one of the best chairs for larger gamers

AndaSeat Fnatic Edition

Seat type: Racing seat | Recline: 160 degrees | Weight capacity: 441 lbs | Weight: 66 lbs | Available colors: Black & Orange

Fnatic is a giant of the esports world, and these days you can get the team’s logo on just about every gaming peripheral you can think of – so it was really only a matter of time before an official Fnatic gaming chair came along, in this case courtesy of AndaSeat.

Hidden beneath the Anda Seat Fnatic’s leather exterior are foam cushions and, of course, the heavy steel frame. Even with all the Anda Seat Fnatic’s curves and moving parts, everything looks and feels tight.

The adjustable ergonomic pillows are also a nice touch, with memory foam inserts and high-quality suede covers. Overall, it’s a fantastic looking, super tough chair.



It's cheaper than most of the gaming chairs in our chart

AndaSeat Dark Demon

Seat type: Racing seat | Recline: 160 degrees | Weight capacity: 441 lbs | Weight: 66 lbs | Available colors: Black, Black & Red

The Dark Demon has plenty of features that appeal at first glance, like a steel frame, 4D armrests and 160-degree tilt. The seat pan padding is thick, dense foam, and you get headrest and lumbar support pillows in the box.

Even if you’re new to the gaming chair building scene, the Anda Seat Dark Demon can be put together in around 15-20 minutes.

The clear instructions make assembly a breeze, with the only tricky bit being bolting the wheelbase to the chair. While I handled it fine alone, asking for another pair of hands could make the job easier.



The XL is the largest chair EWin makes.

Ewin Flash XL

Seat type: Racing seat | Recline: 155 degrees | Weight capacity: 330 lbs | Weight: 50.71 lbs | Available colors: Black & Red, Black & Blue, Black & Grey

The EWin Flash XL Series gaming chair design isn’t far off from the competition. Most of these gaming chairs have an aggressive sporty look to them and it’s no different here.

The chair features an adjustable head pillow and adjustable lumbar pillow which operate on a snapped elastic band, again the same as other chairs.

The first thing you should do is unpack the whole box and lay out your parts. The best place to get started is putting the backrest and seat pan together.

To do this, just remove the Allen screws from the sides of the backrest and then fit it to the seat pan brackets.



Is a good dedicated gaming chair and is a suitable choice for most people

DXRacer Racing Series

Seat type: Racing seat | Recline: 135 degrees | Weight capacity: 254 lbs | Weight: 49.93 lbs | Available colors: Black, Black & Red

Aesthetics and ergonomics are what matter the most, along with an affordable price tag, of course, which is almost always an issue when it comes to gaming chairs. As such, DXRacer offers a wide range of chair models over its website, including some dedicated gaming chairs.

There are chair models that appear to address mainstream users and others which address those willing to invest more money for higher material quality, comfort, and accessories. 

This chair uses a simple variant of the well-known bucket-seat design with a high backrest and the typical ergonomics most chairs feature, but it can hold someone with a weight of up to 115 kg (254 lb), which is more than most.



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