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Secretlab Titan Review

The Secretlab Titan is one of the best on the market in both construction quality and finishes, and with a huge number of variants to suit every taste.

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Secretlab is a Singapore furniture company established by Ian Ang and Alaric Choo in 2014. It mainly designs and manufactures gaming chairs and has sold over one million chairs worldwide


Unboxing of Secretlab Titan

This Secretlab TITAN chair uses a rigid cardboard box of 85 x 71 x 37 cm, being relatively compact or standard for its size, although the weight will be no less than 35 kg. In the corners it will have internal reinforcements of hard cardboard to prevent sagging and resists blows.

The quality and finishes are already noticeable from the moment we open the box, as it uses polyethylene foam molds to place all the pieces that make up the product. In addition, each of these components will come inside sealed plastic bags, along with another cardboard box to bring the accessories. We have only seen this quality of presentation in this brand.

The bundle will include the following items:

Construction and Design

This model that far exceeds 400 euros in the most basic model so to speak. It combines the elegance of a well-finished chair with quality materials, with the gaming and sport point that the side ears of the back and seat give it. To get an idea of ​​its excellent construction, we only have to see its specified weight of 35 kg, which with measurements similar to other gaming chairs, this is between 5 and 10 kg heavier. The general dimensions of it will be 74 cm wide, 141 cm maximum height and 70 cm deep.

The bucket-type design leaves us with a wide headboard with included cervical cushion and in this case a fabric and charcoal blue finish. The Secretlab TITAN has a huge number of variants that we summarize right now:

This chair is prepared to support a maximum recommended weight of 130 kg, although the class 4 piston that it uses is capable of supporting up to 150 kg and even more. For its construction a chassis that combines reinforced aluminum and steel has been used to lighten the weight a bit. It will go well for heights between 175 and 200 cm, since its seat is not exactly low at 47.5 cm.

Component and Performance Study

After seeing part of its general characteristics, we are going to learn more about the different parts that make up the Secretlab TITAN.

Legs and wheels

The design of this component is very elegant, with slightly curved flat tops and very well worked original ends. We have not seen any model that resembles it, it breaks with the typical trend of the round bar. The lower area features strong ADC12 aluminum ribs with exquisitely performed welds. Agile but strong, so from the beginning everything looks really good.

We start at the bottom of the Secretlab TITAN chair, where we find the 5 wheels and the 5-point star-shaped support system. This has an extension of 70 cm and is made entirely of aluminum with a gloss black paint finish.

For its part, the wheels can be considered a bit generic, with a radius of 5 cm and made of polyurethane. In this case, it has a double rolling surface with individual rotation on a metallic bearing shaft. We miss a locking system in at least one or two, as it is a very high-end chair.

It is a nice touch to have an anti-vibration rubber at the end of the mounting system. In this way, when the wheel is inserted, friction between metals and possible clicks are eliminated when it runs out of lubrication. The bearing is really good, without any noise and agile, with an elegant and discreet aesthetic.

Piston and Movement Mechanism

The next element of analysis will be the one that allows us practically all the movement of rotation, inclination and positioning of the Secretlab TITAN. In this case, a class 4 gas piston is being used, which we can find in most gaming chairs on the market. It will support a travel of 95 mm according to the technical sheet, being an increase of 15 cm compared to the standard pistons.

The movement mechanism consists of an articulated metal block with a piston for inclination of excellent construction. Unlike those we find in the mid-range. This has a steel frame provided with 4 anchor points to the chair and a wide range of inclination adjustable in hardness. In addition, with the lever to our left we can lock the angle of inclination with total freedom.

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It offers a fairly wide range of hardness, and does not generate absolutely no noise when having lubricated movable elements. The lever on the right is responsible for operating the piston to raise and lower the seat. From the factory, the lever covers are removed.

The design in terms of positioning on the seat and installation is the same as other similar mechanisms. Since the Secretlab TITAN allows the backrest tilt, the manufacturer has ensured that the center of gravity is as centered as possible to prevent us from falling backwards with the maximum tilt. In this sense, it is quite safe as long as our legs act as a counterweight.

Backrest and cervical cushion

After seeing the main elements of support and mobility, it is time to caress the excellent quality of the fabric that covers the Secretlab TITAN seat. As we have already mentioned, we analyzed the SoftWeabe fabric version, with a very soft thread pattern and in different shades that generate a very elegant charcoal blue color.

It features a competition bucket-style design, with protruding ears, although not too pointed forward. This is good for use by strong-built individuals as it provides plenty of width in the lower back. The measurements specify a height at the head of 84 cm and a maximum width of 55 cm in the shoulder area. The edge of these ears uses another type of fabric with a short velvet finish with a wonderful touch.

In the central area we have embroidered the initial of the TITAN series, as well as the edition and the large logo on the header, all in blue thread and impeccable finishes. This is combined with stitching in the same color on the edges of the backrest and again with the brand’s badging in the back area. The fabric cover has been finished off in the back area by means of two locked zippers (we cannot open them by hand) and relatively concealed.

Inside the Secretlab TITAN we will have a steel and aluminum frame lined with a strong Secretlab cold-cured foam unibody mold. The manufacturer does not give information on specifications, but for practical purposes it is a really hard foam, whose density will be around 50 – 60 g / cm3, although on the back it is slightly softer than on the seat. This foam is patent pending by the brand, so it is of its own manufacture.

Wide and Strong Seat With 4D Armrests

We now turn to a key element such as the seat of this Secretlab TITAN. For its construction, fabric of the same type and a foam mold with a slightly higher density than the backrest have been used. When we sit down, its high hardness is noticeable, so much so that with more than 80 kg it barely sinks a little, and it only adjusts to our body to offer high comfort. A good detail is that they already come with the armrests installed, it will be a step that we will save during assembly.

Again, the bucket-type design leaves us with thick side ears, but with a moderate height and quite open for wide users. The measurements offered by the area will be 52 cm wide, approximately 15 cm thick and 50 cm deep. We can say that it is very wide, and practically no one is going to have space problems or tight legs.

Secretlab Titan Review50.1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

The fabric with a velvet finish has been used to cover the upper area of ​​the ears, but on the sides and the inner area the use of the main fabric has been maintained. There is no shortage of secondary color stitching and new embroidery with the TITAN logo on the right side. Likewise, the side trims of the back recline mechanism have already been pre-installed. These are made of rough plastic in matte black, of course with a good finish and fixing by means of a screw.

If we turn the seat around, we will see part of the strong steel and aluminum chassis, as well as the three-bolt fixings for the armrests. The fabric is finished using steel rods with rings, similar to other chairs, but in this case with higher quality finishes on the finials. Stitching around the edge will prevent the fabric from splitting and fraying over time.

Secretlab Titan Review56.1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

The lever that will allow us to tilt the backrest from 85 to 165o will not go unnoticed, a wide enough range to take a nap if we also start the seat itself. The two backrest gripping trims are equipped with magnets for quick installation. These are perfectly attached without the need for annoying screws, one more point for the design team.

The armrests of the Secretlab TITAN will feature an all-metal, four-axis released movement mechanism. The upper area uses a concave polyurethane padding that is quite wide and fits very well on the elbows. The possibilities of movement will be the following:


The assembly process of this Secretlab TITAN lasted just 10 minutes, as part of the elements are already assembled, such as the armrests and trims. In addition, the manufacturer has studied this assembly down to the smallest detail for our convenience, including a magnetic screwdriver style tool, few screws, and clear, colored instructions.

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