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ROG Strix Scope RX Review

There’s a lot to love about the ROG Strix Scope RX, from the clean aesthetic to the lightning-fast actuation. The optical switches aren’t any faster than those seen in competing models like the Razer Huntsman, but the wobble-less keys and central LEDs are awesome

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ASUSTeK Computer, Inc., known simply as ASUS – commonly pronounced in English “ei-sus” – is a multinational hardware, electronics and robotics corporation headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, in the Beitou District.


Unboxing of ROG Strix Scope RX

This Asus ROG Strix SCOPE RX will reach us in the best possible way, since for it a rigid cardboard box of good quality and very compact size has been used. In it we have a ROG style on the faces, always accompanied by photos of the product and some of its specifications on the back.

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

After opening this box, we find the keyboard inside a black cloth bag as protection, and in turn placed on a cardboard mold. A compartment on the front has been used to store the cable, since it cannot be removed from the keyboard.

ROG Strix Scope RX Pro Design

The Asus ROG Strix SCOPE RX will be the newest member of the Asus keyboard list, which is far from limited to this model. In fact there will be a few that I already had, equipping Cherry MX switches and RGB lighting. We already tested the normal Asus ROG Strix SCOPE version and it left us an excellent experience, but this one will raise it to a level.

In terms of design, it is not different from what is seen in other previous models, and the modifications are very few and almost nil. It includes extensive functionality, with more access from keyboard to lighting, macros, etc., now customizable from the new Armory Crate brand software.

Starting with what comes to be the construction of the Asus ROG Strix SCOPE RX, we have the use of plastic and metal. Being a full-format keyboard, we are 44 cm long, 13.7 mm deep, and 3.9 cm high in the region of highest elevation. The thickness of the metal plate makes the weight rise up to 1.07 kg.

The key area or base is the one that will be made of metallic alloy, with a very light roughness finish and in a gray color with some shine. It presents the same appearance as other models of the manufacturer, with very tight measurements on the sides and upper area. A detail to take into account is that this base has IP65 protection, dust and splashes of water.

You have to turn the keyboard over to see that its base will be made of rigid plastic and of very good quality, judging by the touch and sound. It is an interesting and well-worked area, since the manufacturer has taken the opportunity to screen-print its logo in large size on the relief of diagonal channels that covers the entire area.

Two extendable legs have been installed in the upper corners that will only allow one position. The elevation they produce will be 51 mm, quite high and the row of keys “F” with a notable inclination towards us. A second intermediate position we think would have come in handy as a design update. These legs have a rubber surface for support, just like the rest that are installed in the base position.


The distribution used by the mink we are analyzing is the Spanish one with its corresponding ñ key, and also ISO type with the Enter key in full size. The distribution chosen as you can see is the full size one, with a row of F keys, a numeric keyboard and navigation and direction keys. The chosen layout remains invariant with respect to the previous models, with a fairly large and thick ROG-type font perfectly visible.

The rows of keys use a pronounced concave shape, and especially in the two bottom rows we have a lot of inward slant of the keys. What this achieves is to adopt a better position for writing and especially for playing, since the surface will be more accessible to the fingertips.

Asus here has asserted the manufacturer that it is and has designed its own switches for the Asus ROG Strix SCOPE RX. They are called ROG RX Red, and they are of the optical-mechanical type, entering through the big door with one of the best technologies that can be implemented in a gamer keyboard. It has a lifespan of no less than 100 million keystrokes, more than almost all mechanical switches on the market.

The basic characteristic of them is that they present a completely linear travel, without sound, with an actuation point of 1.5 mm, and a total travel of 4 mm. During the tour we will obtain a force curve with two intensities, up to the point of action it will be 40 g, and after this it increases to 55 g. What it does is to give the key more backward power in the event of a full press, in order to return to its position immediately.


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The ROG Strix Scope RX uses the same Armoury Crate software as other Asus peripherals to handle key settings, basic RGB lighting management and firmware updates. It’s also compatible with Asus Aura Sync, which helps the company’s products shine their pretty lights in unison, but people who haven’t invested in that ecosystem can just stick with Armoury Crate.
You can save settings to the keyboard’s onboard storage. It offers five user-managed profiles, as well as a default profile that can all be accessed via the F1-F6 keys. This will mostly be used to swap between specific key assignments and lighting effects based on the game being played, and Armoury Crate can switch profiles automatically when games are launched.

Much of the keyboard’s additional functionality can be managed right on-keyboard, too, which is a welcome feature. The arrow cluster can be used to manage the lighting’s brightness and effects, a quick-toggle switch immediately switches the function row to media playback controls, holding down Fn while pressing the Windows key can “lock” it to prevent accidental presses.

The keyboard’s on-the-fly macro recording makes it easy to record and assign macros without ever having to launch Armoury Crate too. It’s nice not to be totally reliant on the software for basic functionality, such as managing different lighting presets or switching between profiles saved to onboard storage. Armoury Crate is a bonus, not a necessity, as it should be.


We can say that this Asus keyboard is the one that has left us the best sensations in terms of user experience. We refer to the switches, since in terms of design it is practically nailed to the other available versions.

In it we have a very good quality base with metal alloy that also offers IP65 protection against water and dust. Its base inclination is quite good and they make it a comfortable set, but we hope that a version with wrist rests will come out to give a little more versatility to those who need it.

What we should highlight the most are these new ROG RX Red switches created by the manufacturer itself. Of course they have learned well from the competition, since the construction and implementation is excellent as we have already mentioned. We have all the durability and speed of optical-mechanical technology in very quiet linear switches with an almost instantaneous recoil response.

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