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Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO Review

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO is an excellent gaming keyboard that has a fairly unique style. It’s also the first keyboard to feature the new ROCCAT Titan switches, which are comparable to the very popular Cherry MX Browns.

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Roccat GmbH is a German manufacturer of computer accessories based in Hamburg. It was also the title sponsor of the former German esports organization Team ROCCAT.


Unboxing Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO

This ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO comes to us in a high quality pressed cardboard box, with a magnificent digital printing, of the first level without a doubt, where the protagonist himself stands out above anything else. Highlight the fact of the pride of the brand and its origins, where its German design is clearly indicated in the upper right.

The rear part maintains the same quality as the front, where the brand emphasizes in its TITAN switches under three premises: speed, durability and lighting, a great anticipation of what we are going to find later.

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

Once the box is opened and its seals are broken, we find a somewhat peculiar packaging, where the wrist rest is in the first position, something that surprises, since in most keyboards we try to avoid any type of weight on the keys when transporting them. . Although it is true that a properly fixed cardboard separates them, it continues to surprise us, the ROCCAT guys have to be very sure of their TITAN switches to make this packaging.

Once extracted, we can see how they arrive independently packed using two plastics, which may seem like a lower quality touch, but it really is a well thought out movement. The plastic is quite rigid and thin, which makes it possible that it does not give easily to any movement of the keyboard in the case and therefore no switch is “caught” in the wrong position.

ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO Design

The first thing we will analyze is its wrist rest, since the first surprise comes when we fit it into this ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO, a process that we could say is almost automatic, since the anchor is magnetized, so it is to bring both pieces closer together and they are placed unequivocally in position with a perfect fit. It barely has a couple of millimeters of margin to position itself longitudinally, which has left us quite surprised.

First of all, on the right side we have the brand’s logo, a good detail without a doubt, while on the back we see two rubber bands, which will prevent the wrist rest from moving. In addition, we can appreciate the magnetic strip on its profile, which will also prevent the keyboard and it from moving in different ways, keeping the unit at all times as if it were a piece fitted by a clip.

Contrary to expectations, we are going to start at the bottom or back of this ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO, in order to complete the different heights between using or not using your eyelashes. As we can see, the back is very basic, made of the same high-quality ABS plastic as the wrist rest, with a very smooth touch and denoting the good work of the brand.

There really is not much to highlight in it, beyond the rubber grip that it incorporates and the legs, which will raise the total height of the keyboard for those who wish to do so. As we have seen, it is a fairly low keyboard, which surprisingly will not see its height increased by a large proportion with this addition, as we see in the images below.


Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO Switch
Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO 17 1024x576 1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

The first thing we have to detail is its brushed aluminum surface, where of course its TITAN switches stand out. But before analyzing them, we have to pay our attention to their keycaps (keys), since they are totally different from conventional mechanical gaming keyboards. As we can see in the images above, we will have two types of keys: concave or convex.

In addition, and of course, the concave keys are thicker than the convex ones, which makes this keyboard even more special. This can be seen perfectly in the image below.

Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO 16 1024x576 1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News
Roccat Vulcan 120 AIMO 22 1024x576 1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

Keycaps aside, TITAN switches are introduced to us for the first time. From the outset, we already see that they are better finished, designed and executed than the CHERRY MX, where the central part with the crosshead is reinforced by two walls that hug the plastic groove of each keycap, allowing it not to have a horizontal movement and that at the same time a pulsation is made as vertical as possible.

As if that were not enough, the adjustment area with the aluminum midplate is made with two black plastic adjustments of more generous dimensions, but above all located on the sides of the switch and not on its vertical. This provides each TITAN with greater stability, where at the same time it prevents each keycap from being released due to a bad movement or error. In fact, it is somewhat complicated to extract each keycap manually, since you have to do some force, which with CHERRY MX does not happen.


ROCCAT Swarm | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

ROCCAT offers its users a very complete software to support their peripherals called Swarm. This software can be downloaded from its main website, and as we will see below, it offers an extremely high list of possibilities.

driver 2 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

The driver for the Horde AIMO and other recent ROCCAT peripherals is aptly named ROCCAT Swarm. The installer is 155 MB in size, and the installed driver takes up 152 MB on your storage drive, but as we will see below, there is a catch. System utilization is minimal, so there is nothing to worry about on that end if you have a decent processor for 2020 from either camp.

driver 3 small | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News
driver 4 small | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

Now that everything is good to go, we see things have been moved around since the last AIMO keyboard review. There is no dedicated homepage for AIMO, with ROCCAT giving us a separate menu to choose from at the top.

Here, we see general toggles for AIMO, as well as ROCCAT Talk FX and AlienFX, which are alternative lighting systems.

For the Vulcan 120 AIMO and other ROCCAT AIMO peripherals, just use AIMO, which the company has developed more recently and continues to give more attention to, unless you have Alienware products to use with AlienFX.

The driver also scales well with high DPI displays and stretches to fit ultrawide displays, which is nice to see after testing a few keyboards recently that were hard to even see on a 4K display.

ROCCAT VULCAN 120 AIMO Review 2GamersRD | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News


Overall, then, I hope it is easy to see from this Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo review that this truly is a top-tier, premium gaming keyboard.


On test I have been impressed with basically every aspect of the keyboard over a month’s usage period and, unless you need something very specific in terms of your switch setup, I honestly don’t know who this board wouldn’t suit.


Its build quality and materials, in partnership with its hyper modern design, mean the Vulcan looks fantastic even in a very formal environment, while its superb all-rounder mechanical Titan switches and super-light key caps make both gaming and typing a no-compromise experience.

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