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Logitech G915 Review

The Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED is a fantastic wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s a full-sized keyboard that’s packed with features like dedicated macro keys, multi-device pairing, and full RGB backlighting. Logitech’s G HUB software offers plenty of customization options, is easy-to-use, and is available on both Windows and macOS.


Logitech is a Swedish company specialized in manufacturing computer peripherals, mainly mice, keyboards and headphones.


Unboxing of Logitech G915

The case of the Logitech G915 has a satin finish that shows us in large size on the upper left corner the keyboard model with capital letters and the blue color of Logitech. This accompanies a photograph of the product exhibiting a reflective resin gloss.

The information that stands out on the cover is the following:

Further information on the highlights listed above is provided on the reverse side below. It should be noted a maximum estimate of 30h of autonomy (with lighting at 100%) as well as a detailed view on some dedicated multimedia buttons and volume wheel.

Once we removed the outer rigid box, we found a matte black thin cardboard cover that has the Logitech logo embossed. When lifting it, we find a structure where the keyboard and other components are located.

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

Logitech G915 Design

The first thing we can highlight about the Logitech G915 are its finishes. The top cover is made of brushed 5052 aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its color is dark gray and the choice of this material not only gives it extraordinary resistance but also a sober presence.

In the upper left corner we can see the Logitech image. This icon is part of the keyboard backlit system and will be included in the LightSync program. Just below we see five programmable G5 buttons for macros.

Speaking of dedicated buttons, the Logitech G915 has a lot. Not only does it have the G5 for macros, but on the upper edge we find a good collection of dedicated buttons with a circular presentation and rubber touch. How could it be less, these switches are also backlit.

Next, on F10 and F11 we have two LEDs that inform us about the activation of capital letters and the status of the battery. Both black texts are screen-printed on the structure. On the other hand, yes it is a bit of a wonder the absence of an LED to inform about the number lock.

Just to its right, integrated into the structure, we have a matte black piece with the LightSpeed ​​certificate etched on its surface in a pale gray color.

Finally, we have four dedicated multimedia switches in the upper right corner of the keyboard as well as a scroll wheel to calibrate the volume. This wheel is made of stainless steel and has notches to facilitate its use by levels.

The total of dedicated multimedia buttons are summarized in:

On the switches, these are low profile and bare. The frame itself is very thin compared to other keyboards, rising only 22mm in total.

In its default position, without the use of the lifting pins, the frame of the Logitech G915 hardly rises above the table. This is something that users looking for a slim gaming keyboard will greatly appreciate.

Also on the back edge and in its central area we find the Micro USB port to connect the Logitech G915 cable and thus be able to charge it, even during use.

Finally, on the right side, we find the G915 numbering of the model printed in black on the aluminum structure.

On the back of the keyboard we have a total of six non-slip rubber pads that guarantee a stable position in our workspace, which is reinforced by the keyboard’s own weight.

The elevation available via the temples amounts to two possible levels as both options are assembled in a single hinge structure.

Also on the reverse we can see the label with information about the manufacturer, model, serial number and European Quality Certificate.

Mechanical Switches

Delving into switches, the hallmark of Logitech’s low-profile range of switches is their short actuation distance. These types of buttons only need a distance of 1.5 mm to act, being 2.7 mm their total travel to the bottom.

Looking at them, they give us a much less robust (or rough) feeling than traditional box keycaps. This perception is reinforced because although their surface has a slight internal concavity, they are quite flat keys.

This homogeneous design for all keys generates two consequences:

• On the one hand, it gives us much more cleanliness. It is a slim and elegant keyboard that fits both in a modern office and in the favorite corner of any gamer.

• In return, it sacrifices part of ergonomics. Those who come from mechanical keyboards with a normal profile are used to buttons that not only have an oval shape but also offer on their structure more comfortable when typing for long periods of time.

On the positive side, something that will please those of you who come from membrane keyboards is that the feeling can be similar in terms of press distance and shape of the buttons. The biggest difference that you will notice will be rather in the pressure necessary to press them (50g).


Apart from the 180 cm long charging cable (with which you can work while in use), the connection models for wireless use are two:

logitech g915 05 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

On the nano receiver, it has wireless LightSpeed ​​technology and this allows a response speed of one millisecond.

In the same box we find as a complement a format adapter that offers us a nano USB female port and another USB type A. This will allow us to connect the keyboard to, for example, a laptop or tablet by adding an extension cord.

Getting the Logitech G915 into use

The first thing to mention is that when we come from a mechanical keyboard, the first contact can be somewhat disconcerting. The ergonomics of the keys are different, so we will require a certain period of adaptation.

To mention about its autonomy we must tell you that we have been using the keyboard with the lighting at 100% and indeed the 30h are quite long. Basically using the keyboard for eight hours a day should hold up for around four days. This implies, on the other hand, that using it with a lower percentage of illumination (or none) will significantly reduce its consumption.



RGB backlighting is individual to each key, from standard switches to macro and multimedia buttons to Logitech imaging.

This maximum light presents a fairly clear readability since the characters on the keys are somewhat thicker than average, which allows more light to pass through.

However, the secondary functions of the switches (accents, tildes, parentheses, etc.) are not backlit, but are printed in white.


logitech g hub software 09 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

If we talk about lighting, macros and other moves we cannot avoid talking about the software, and less about one like the Logitech G HUB. You know that we like to highlight something when it is good, so we will say the following about it: you just need to give us the time.

logitech g hub software 01 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

This software has more resources than Batman’s belt, and we are not saying it for fun. Advantage? Well, the thing is that although there are many panels to configure, the interface is neat and clean.

We mainly have three main options:


Altogether, the Logitech G915 keyboard is ten. It has excellent finishes, good materials and a large number of additional buttons for both macros and multimedia. However, this addition also makes it a keyboard of considerable dimensions (especially in relation to its length) although not in height given its slim format.

The touch of the switches is smooth, light and fast. The tactile sensation that they leave is very comfortable to write, although those who want it more to play than for office tasks, a linear switch will probably be more convenient.

For its part, the autonomy of the keyboard convinces us and thanks to the LightSpeed ​​technology the latency has been totally non-existent. This is obviously the case with the USB receiver, but using Bluetooth things can change so keep that in mind when playing.

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