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Logitech G432 Gaming Headset Review

The Logitech G432 are straightforward wired gaming headphones with a great microphone for online games. They have a very good audio reproduction and they are comfortable to wear during long gaming sessions, although some may find them a bit tight.


Logitech is a Swedish company specialized in manufacturing computer peripherals, mainly mice, keyboards and headphones.


Unboxing of Logitech G432

Logitech is one of the top-rated brands in the computer peripheral production market. We always like to test the new products that they can offer us, and this time we have to talk about headphones.

In this sense, we were very struck by the Logitech G432 headphones, the new model that evolves from the successful Logitech G430.

In today’s review we are going to check if they have improved with respect to their predecessors, and we are going to analyze each and every one of their characteristics.

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

Quality and Finish of Materials

If we talk about the materials under which they are manufactured, the new Logitech G432 could represent the evolution of the Logitech G430. Their materials are practically similar, and therefore their quality has not changed excessively. We highlight a plastic composite finish around the body of the headphones.

The main change we found with respect to the previous model is the coating of the headband pad and the earmuffs, which are made of synthetic leather. In this way, the fabric covering that we enjoy in the Logitech G430 is replaced.

The Logitech G432 are adjustable to fit all types of heads, and for this it has a metal structure that is part of the inside of the headband of the headphones. This piece, we could also see it in the Logitech G430, and in addition to providing robustness, it helps enhance its durability.

A negative factor that we have found in the Logitech G432 is the material with which its cable has been manufactured. In this model, the mesh fiber that was used in the cable covering has been dispensed with, a detail that we could enjoy in the G430.

We did not understand Logitech’s decision to produce this cable, but we think it is a step back, at least in terms of the durability of these headphones. The cable turns out to be quite thin and its plastic material greatly facilitates tangles and possible breakage.

The cable is 2 meters long and leads to a single 3.5mm jack connection, which can also be connected to an adapter, included in the box, that allows you to connect these USB headphones to your computer.

We remember that the Logitech G430 had two jack outputs (one for the microphone and one for the audio).

Another element that has been eliminated in these Logitech G432 has been the keypad that was located on the cable itself. With it you could regulate the internal volume of the headphones themselves, as well as turn off the microphone if necessary. The internal headphone volume control is now located on the back of the left ear cup.


If your goal is simply to play, you can be sure that the G432 will serve you perfectly. Its soundstage is good due to the space between the ears and the controllers, which are dynamic, and its imagery is great too, and it’s not at all difficult to tell where the enemy is coming from when you’re playing any game with friends.

I tried these headphones in three different games and I had a great experience in all of them, there was not a moment in which I disappointed or stopped showing any detail because of the sound or special effects.

The three games I tested this accessory with were NBA 2K20, Garena Free Fire, and FIFA 20, all tested for a few hours to make sure I wasn’t missing any aspect of the game due to headphones, and this was the result.

The only objection I have found is that if you want a better immersion in war games, it may leave a bit to be desired, as its bass is not as defined and full, but this is a characteristic sound of this accessory and not a defect. .

Emphasizing what I said in three paragraphs: if you are only looking to play, don’t worry because the G432 will not let you down.


The speakers chosen by Logitech for these headsets are 50mm in diameter and have a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. The sensitivity has been increased to 107dB / mW. Thanks to all these changes we will obtain a more powerful sound than its predecessors.

The overall sound quality can be rated as good. Although by default they are equalized for a neutral sound, they are capable of achieving deep bass without distortion. Unfortunately, as we increase the volume, the media is somewhat choked. The highs remain clear, but do not come to sound crystal clear.

Soundproofing is not one of its strengths either. Staying silent or at a low volume, it is easy to hear noises like our keyboard when typing. We believe that the use of a denser material for the body would have helped in this aspect.


The microphone is mounted on a flexible black boom, very comfortable to use and really effective. It is unidirectional and has a size of 6mm, so we will have no problems making ourselves heard clearly. It has a mechanism to silence it while it remains folded. The sensitivity and quality is good, as you can see below.


We could summarize the Logitech G432 as a good stereo headset that incorporates a DAC to enjoy virtual 7.1 sound. Compared to the previous model, the G430, the size of the speakers has been increased and compatibility improved.

As you can see in our headphones guide, there are many headphones that incorporate surround sound and that does not translate into higher quality. In this case, the only difference with the G332 is the DTS Headphone: X 2.0, but if you are interested in virtual surround sound, these are one of the most recent and affordable headphones with such technology.

As usual before closing, we want to thank Logitech for leaving us these headphones for your review. Finally you can find the Logitech G432 at a price of € 81.99 both on Amazon and on its official website.

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