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Edge GX1 Review

The Edge GX1 are hand built in the UK and ergonomically designed to satisfy all gaming styles, including engaged forward leaning, upright and more relaxed reclined positions.

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EDGE was founded by Clyde Crawford and Neil Hill in UK. Both have extensive computer and gaming industry experience in ergonomics, product design, manufacturing, distribution and sales.


A Truly Ergonomic Gaming Chair

A new gaming chair brand called EDGE has entered the market. Unlike other gaming chairs however, they are not just taking another bucket racing-style chair and slapping their logo on it. In fact, it sounds like they detest that practice. Instead, they are designing chairs which focus on the most important part of any chair: adequate support.

According to Clyde Crawford, Technical Director at Edge, most gaming chairs have a fundamental flaw. This is primarily due to their racing ‘bucket seat’ design. The intention with that design is to keep the user in a driving position. Therefore,,it restricts lateral movement when cornering in a car and restricts shoulder movement. He argues that this “contrasts with the needs of gamers“, who require free movement of their arms and shoulders.

Hand-crafted in the UK

After a little more research it turns out that the Edge GX1, whilst being hand-crafted in South Wales, is quite favourably priced versus the established ergo competition and if the quality matches my expectations they should be able to make quite an impact into that segment. The downside is that that segment, as I alluded to earlier, is fairly small – quite simply, this type of chair is very rarely found outside of an office due to the sizeable investment involved, even the well-priced Edge GX1 weighs in at £899 if you include the headrest and further customisation increases the price.

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Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist Clyde Crawford heads up the ergonomic side of Edge Products ensuring that the levels of comfort and support available to users of the GX1 are appropriate to the needs of gamers. These needs are somewhat different to those of whom might normally be purchasing an ergo chair. Obviously there’s the ubiquitous need for support and comfort in the standard typist position that every user will need to adopt at some point, as well as locked or free movement in regard to leaning back with as little or as much resistance as is appropriate for your ideal comfort (and support) levels. However the makers of the GX1 have also identified the need to support a gamer in the ‘engaged’ position – namely when you’re frantically hunched forward over the keyboard often bashing buttons furiously while you try your best not to die.

Specifically Designed for Gamers

This gamer focus is something that’s sadly not been considered by R&G when they designed my chair, which is perfect for office based computer use but as soon as the gaming gets intense, there may as well not be a back rest at all.

And this is why Edge insist that the GX1 is not a competitor of products like the Duo Back 11 that I use, but instead should be replacing all of the racing seats out there in the wild. This is quite a bold move considering almost everything I’ve said so far would suggest that the GX1 would be quite at home in an office or study. Instead Edge are strongly pushing the rather obvious notion that gamers are not racing drivers! They are not subject to tremendous G-forces as they race around a track made of pixels instead of tarmac. So for extended use, a chair that allows a lot of freedom for movement as you follow your car’s path on the screen ahead, as well as just regular movement in general, is substantially more healthy than being immobilised in a carbon fibre bucket; and if the levels of support and comfort extend to all of the postures that gamers’ contort themselves into, it’s hard to argue against Edge’s logic.

What Can Users Expect from EDGE’s Gaming Chairs?

Their first product is the EDGE GX1. It was designed with Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist expertise, the foremost level of ergonomics accreditation.

It even supports multiple ergonomic features that most gaming chairs lack. This includes seat base tilt and depth adjustment, and seat back height adjustment. Moreover, there is a ‘decompression zone’ that relieves tail-bone pressure.

Furthermore, it also has a unique, gravity-driven asymmetric tilt mechanism and an inflatable lumbar support. The latter being a key ergonomic feature, missing in the majority of gaming chairs.

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