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Corsair K100 RGB Review

The Corsair K100 RGB It has excellent build quality with a padded wrist rest. Also, it has full RGB lighting that can be customized to your liking, all of its keys are macro-programmable, and it has six dedicated macro keys on the left side of the board.

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Corsair Gaming, Inc. Is an American computer hardware and peripherals company based in Fremont, California. The company was incorporated in January 1994 and reconstituted in Delaware in 2007


Unboxing of Corsair K100 RGB

Similar packaging design can be found on the K70 RGB TKL, with the black and yellow color scheme. Key features are translated into four different languages, along with a few photos of the keyboard. 

On the cover of the case we receive the image, brand and model of the product. Immediately highlights the adjustable mechanical switch seal with Omnipoint technology. We can also appreciate that the multiplatform capacity of the keyboard stands out, indicating that it is compatible for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. Finally, the detail of the smart Oled screen could not be missing for warnings during games, Discord messages or music playback among other aspects.

On the back of the box, there is a lot to take in. At the top, we see mentions of AXON, OPX, legato stream deck, and iCUE, with an image of the keyboard and a large switch shown on the left. To the right, we find features listed in a few different languages and explain what the OPX switch is. We can also see by looking at the bottom edge that the K100 RGB is said to work with a PC, a MAC, and even an XBOX One.

Continuing around to the next panel, we run into this smaller yellow one with the Corsair name and logo to the left, above the K100 naming. To the right, the rest of the area is used for the tagline “Press the Advantage.”

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

Corsair K100 RGB Design

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The Corsair K100 RGB is big.

It has a large band across the top which carries the control dial, profile, and Win key disable button on one side, an LED in the middle that indicates when certain functions (like caps lock) are engaged, and a volume scroll and mute button on the other.

This adds a bit of desk real estate to the keyboard’s profile, which also includes a full keyboard layout and a column of customizable “G keys” situated on the left. Add in a robust wrist rest and you’ll see that this is going to need some room to fit on a desk.

But it also looks good.

It has plenty of gamer aesthetic, but not so much to detract from its gorgeous looks.

The top of the chassis is made of anodized, brushed aluminum while underneath is made of durable plastic with large rubber pads to keep the keyboard stable.

The keys themselves are raised above the chassis and have a lovely textured feel to them. That texture is supposed to help resist wear on the key caps. Also helping to resist wear and fading is the fact that the keycaps are 1.5mm thick and made of PBT, which is known for its durability.

The G keys stand out with grey topped key caps while the media keys just below the volume scroll have a glossier look and feel to them.

The only key that will feel fairly different is the textured volume scroll on the right, which seems to be made of a nice aluminum and is probably my new favorite way of controlling the volume. Because the keys are raised though, it’s not particularly dust-resistant.

Possibly the most striking addition to the keyboard though is the control dial situated in the upper left side of the keyboard. It has a button centered inside it that lights up with Corsair’s iCue software. When you press the button, it and the dial will change colors and, depending on the color, lets you adjust certain settings. For example, when blue, turning the dial will raise or lower the keyboard’s backlighting. You can also skip tracks in a playlist, zoom in and out or even switch applications. Not only is it a welcome addition, but it has a nice tactile feel to it as well.

Like most top-of-the-line gaming keyboards, the K100 RGB spares no expense when it comes to RGB lighting. 44 unique RGB zones cover the keyboard. That includes the keys, dial, Corsair logo in the center as well as the side and back panels of the keyboard. It’s incredibly customizable through iCue. You can have multiple presets on different sections of the keyboard. If you don’t have access to iCue, you can go through presets using the function key and the number keys at the top.


For all of the options on the left, of which the profiles section is currently open, the right side of iCUE will look similar to what this window shows, which is a live view of the K100 RGB. For now, we will continue through software with the default profile, but to add more, click on the plus in the profiles header, name the profile if you wish, and get to programming.

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9652 32 corsair k100 rgb optical mechanical gaming keyboard review 1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

While the Actions menu is the way to gain entry to the Macro menu, Actions encompass anything you want to make one of the keys on the K100 RGB do. To get to what you see in this image, we clicked on the plus on the right side of the actions header and then clicked on the G1 key. Macro is the default option, and with three sub-menus, you can program the Macro in the box below, but you can also add advanced and start settings to these same commands.

Other actions are found in the dropdown menu, where they are broken up into two sections. Actions are Macro, text, media, launch application, timer, disable, or profile switching. You can swap the alphabet under the remap heading, use numbers and symbols, change function keys, enhanced keys, keypad functions, modifiers and locks, language keys, mouse button commands, and keystrokes. If you cannot find what you are looking for in key customization here, keep looking!

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9652 35 corsair k100 rgb optical mechanical gaming keyboard review 1 | PC ESPORTS HUB | Gaming PC Builds & Esports News

Lighting effects are the same as we have seen in much of the latest Corsair gear. We see the multiple options in the predefined category, custom options in the middle, and lighting link options for various devices to sync together. As to the per-key RGB lighting, in the image above, select one of the lights in singles or groups, and program them to suit whatever look you are trying to accomplish. Of course, you also have options like brightness and direction for modes, and when getting into custom colors, you have multiple ways of selection colors, including RGB code entry.

Hardware lighting is similar to lighting effects but again is set to be used without iCUE running. We have fewer options to choose from in this menu than the previous one and also need to be physically saved to a profile.

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The control wheel has a section devoted to it, and the image to the right has closed in on just the dial now. On the left, there are eight preset options to use the control wheel for, and you can enable them with the slider to the left and change the color in the box, which denotes what it is currently able to control. You can also add your own commands to control with this wheel. It could be anything really, only your imagination and its convenience are the limitations.


The Corsair K100 is fantastic for gaming. This very well-built keyboard is comfortable to use, and it has customizable RGB backlighting. The Cherry MX Speed switches have a low operating force and a short pre-travel distance, and the latency is extremely low. It’s also available in Corsair OPX switches, which are advertised as having a shorter pre-travel distance and should feel a bit more responsive. All of the keys are macro-programmable, and there are six dedicated macro keys on the left side.

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