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Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Review

The new Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE is a mouse for gamers that confirms that playing without cables and with sufficient autonomy is not incompatible with the freedom that comes from putting aside the connection cables with the PC and providing top-level performance.

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SteelSeries is a Danish gaming peripherals and accessories company competing at the top with big names like Logitech, Corsair and Razer in a constant battle to bring the best performing peripherals to market.


Unboxing of Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE

The presentation of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro comes in its usual yellow and black packaging so typical of the brand. On its cover we always have an image of the product, logo and name of the model accompanied by the iCUE software seals and SlipStream technology.

This is a wireless gaming mouse model specially designed for FPS and MOBA games. Its connectivity allows us to use it via nano receiver, bluetooth or USB cable while it is charging so as not to interrupt the momentum.

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

SteelSeries Apex Pro Design

The presence of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is striking as soon as it is removed from the packaging. It is a mouse that, as soon as we hold it, transmits a care to detail and design typical of premium mouse models.

In his case we find a combination of matte plastic finishes with two types of different materials and satin for details or secondary buttons.

The main buttons, M1 and M2, these are individual and have a semi-matte cover presentation with a slight pearl sheen.

The cover of both switches does not have a completely smooth and polished touch, but rather grainy, so we should not expect finger grease marks on the plastic with prolonged use.

Integrated into the M1 silhouette we have two small auxiliary buttons that use this same type of material for the cover of the switches.

Regarding the sides, on the right we have the additional buttons also with a matte finish on the contact surface but with shiny edges for the contours. Both follow the silhouette delimited by the contour of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro.

The presence of a certain thick thumb support flap as well as three side LEDs that inform us about the active memory profile stands out. This cover is made with the same type of finish found in the hump of the mouse and offers a very consistent grip.

Turning to the reverse, in the default model we find that the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro has a total of five surfers, a number that rises to six if we change the left side piece for the one that has a fin for the little finger.

It is here where we find the switch to exchange connectivity modes between the nano receiver, bluetooth or off (if it is not in use or we use the cable). Around the sensor we find a large number of seals and certificates as well as the model code.

Switches and Buttons

As usual, Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro features Omron mechanical switches. The activation click can be made from one end of the switch cover to the other and is loud. The auxiliary buttons that we find in M1 instead need a fairly light press and the sound is vaguely audible with a more muted tone.

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Regarding the side M4 and M5 switches, these do have a loudness and pulsation similar to that present in the main buttons. The separation between the two is quite recognizable on a tactile level, a factor that is decisive in the most hectic games.

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Finally, the scroll wheel has a non-slip rubber coating. In it we find a slight relief texture similar to that of the upper cover of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro and the tactile jumps between each step of the gear are intermediate. The sound level when scrolling is rather low, being quite off when compared to other models.

If we click with it, the resulting sound is similar to that obtained when pressing the auxiliary buttons integrated in M1, requiring little actuation force to activate them.

The Cable

The built-in cable for wired management and charging of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is a fiber braided model with a length of 180cm. It offers excellent resistance and has reinforcements against accidental pulls in both the USB Type-C and Type-A ports.



The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro features a total of five backlit zones, including an integrated light bar with five individually addressable RGB LEDs located on the left side.

In addition to this, we find two small side details in the rear area of ​​the base as well as two rings surrounding the scroll wheel.

With the intensity to the maximum we must recognize that the result is spectacular. By default the first time we connect the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro it presents a spectrum rotation, but if we want we can download the iCUE software and customize each of these zones completely independently and thus achieve a unique aesthetic.


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The SteelSeries Engine is a configuration program that is already in its third version and follows the steps marked in depth by software such as Razer Central or Corsair iCUE.

When we install and set it up for the first time our team will recognize the SteelSeries Apex Pro immediately. Already in the first panel we can change between the five configurations for local memory profiles once customized.

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When we run iCUE for the first time, it will detect the Corsair Dark Core by default and we can automatically access its specific profile. Once in it, we can choose between the following menus:

Additionally, in the Settings tab we can check the battery status of the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro as well as its polling rates both on a device (with cable) and with an electronic key (nano receiver). Also here we can specify the period of inactivity time after which the mouse enters sleep mode to save battery life.


Our general impression after more than a week of use is that the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is a great wireless mouse for users looking for a reliable and efficient model with the intention of eliminating cables as much as possible. Currently, wireless polling rate technology is on par with that of wired models and the efficiency and reduced energy consumption of the most advanced sensors allow a more than remarkable autonomy.

In terms of design, all of its finishes have seemed premium to us. It is true that non-slip rubber is not used on the sides but we assure you that with the treatment and texture that has been given to the plastic on these surfaces and the upper area you will not miss it. The addition of an alternate surfer piece on the right is something we already had in the previous version and which is nice to see back here.

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