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The big Ceice Fortnite Pro Player Signs With XSET Team 2021

Ceice Fortnite Pro Player join XSET one of the esports organizations on the rise, and it just got a lot more prominent with the signing of one of the biggest Fortnite players in the world. Davis “Ceice” McClellan will be joining the XSET Fortnite pro team for the foreseeable future.

Ceice Fortnite Player Signs With XSET

As you may already know, Ceice is one of the biggest battle royale players globally. He easily proved that in the past, his immense records played Fortnite in some of the most important competitions that it has ever had in its history.

It was announced through Dot Esports that Ceice will now be switching gears and joining the XSET team for the upcoming battle royale competitions. In this way, he will compete alongside the other pro players who were already part of the Fortnite team.

He joins five other pro players signed to XSET to play Fortnite competitively, and they are Astonish, Av, Knight, RougueShark, and Snood. Those players will now have their roster bolstered with one of the most prolific and powerful Fortnite players in the world.

With his addition, it looks like there are now six players on the pro team, which is great news given that other teams, like Team SoloMid, are leaving the Fortnite competitive scene, likely due to the lack of main events for the battle royale title. 

Ceice Is One of the Best Fortnite Players in the World

Though Fortnite is perhaps the biggest battle royale game globally, it is easily the worst out of the genre’s main titles in terms of its esports scene. While it used to be arguably the best, it has quickly devolved into the worst with the ongoing global pandemic.

One of the main reasons behind this decline in Fortnite esports is the lack of World Cup or a similarly huge event for the competitive scene. This is especially key for someone like Ceice, who is well known worldwide because of how he did the previous World Cup.

The most significant accomplishment for the pro player was his third-place finish in the duos tournament at the Fortnite World Cup 2019. The inaugural World Cup was arguably the biggest event in esports of that entire year, and he was one of the best players in the business when it came to it.

He walked away with a ton of prize money from that impressive finish alongside his then Fortnite duos partner Elevate. He also competed in the solos finals there, placing in a modest 60th place, but something that is still noteworthy for someone in two different tournaments in the same event.

As such, it is without a doubt that Ceice is one of the best battle royale players in the world and is an extremely great get for XSET. Interestingly enough, though, this is a decision that XSET was not originally going to go with based on the organization’s current plans. 

Ceice Signing Was a Quick Decision

According to Dot Esports, it seems that the organization was not looking for any new Fortnite pro players to join the roster this year for now. However, what changed is that people kept reaching out to XSET and inquiring about the team signing Ceice to their roster.

Through this, the two parties came together. The decision was quickly made for Ceice to join the Fortnite team at XSET. This was completed over a month ago in March, but it is just now that we are getting the full announcement of this signing.

Furthermore, this announcement comes around two months after Ceice formally became a free agent in the Fortnite scene. He was notably at 100 Thieves for almost two years when he left the beloved organization in February this year to pursue new opportunities.

It is intriguing to see such a major signing like this one for the Fortnite pro scene, given the aforementioned lack of events that are happening these days. Sure, there are Cash Cups and other smaller events, but nothing like what the scene once had in 2019.

That was when we had the Fortnite World Cup and the qualifiers that led up to that moment. It was a momentous occasion in the esports industry as there had quite literally been no event on that scale before. There still really hasn’t been one like that since. 

Hopefully Fortnite Returns to Major Competitive Events Soon

There was another World Cup in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic put a quick stop to that. It dampened the overall Fortnite scene in general, with little to no events happening at all last year. And it, quite frankly, hasn’t changed much this year, either.

Smaller events are happening these days, but nothing quite exciting, like the World Cup or the qualifiers, both for the competitors and the fans. This is why it was no surprise that teams like TSM just decided to drop out of the battle royale game for good.

While we could have easily had something as an alternative this year, like an online-focused World Cup or something similarly huge, that will not happen for now. But it is great to see teams like XSET, though, that believe in the Fortnite competitive scene and are hopeful for its future.

Ceice is more confident than ever before when it comes to the future of the Fortnite scene. The player believes that he has a huge advantage over the other players due to the pandemic making many players have little to no experience with LAN play, which he is an expert in, and will show that off whenever Fortnite returns to its former competitive glory. 

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