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Alienware 510K Review

The Alienware 510K is a good example of why you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’ – or a gaming keyboard by its appearance. It’s an unassuming keyboard that you could argue is too plain, and somewhat light on features

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Alienware Corporation is an American hardware company that assembles PC desktops, laptops, workstations, and game consoles.


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When it comes to responsiveness, it appears that Alienware has spared absolutely no expense to ensure a top-notch experience for buyers. The AW510K is fit with Cherry MX Low Profile Red switches, offering shorter travel times and a very low actuation force. You can move your fingers across this keyboard very fluently

This is very good for high action, quick movement games like Division 2, where you’d have to sprint into cover while under fire, or Black Desert Online’s fast-paced combat scenarios. There’s no need to worry about not being cut down because you couldn’t get to the D button from the Y one quick enough.

The keycaps are ultra-thin, ABS made, and are coated with a nice, skin-like material. This goes very well with the RGB, as well as with the switches.

That said, after testing a few low-profile mechanical keyboards, I’ve come to prefer low-profile Cherry MX Red switches to the original. Unlike standard Cherry MX Reds (or most other standard linear switches), the Alienware’s keys don’t have that shaky “hair trigger” feel, where a key fully depresses at the smallest touch. Both keys require 45cN to actuate, so the shallower travel seems to lead to a more comfortable, balanced press.

The contents of the box can therefore be summarized as:

Alienware 510K Design

The keyboard also features an Alien FX RGB, with over 16 million colors. The RGB is also compatible with 200 plus games, for you to feel more immersed as you play. For reference, when being pursued by police in Grand Theft Auto V, on a Playstation 4, the LED in the front of the Dualshock 4 blinks blue and red instead of just glowing a solid blue color. This is similar to how your RGB lights on the AW510k will work in-game.

The Alienware510k also features a very popular floating button design, that not only makes the RGB a beautiful accent to both color schemes, but also offers more convenience while cleaning. This would definitely come in handy, if you’re new to owning and maintaining your own keyboard.

That spicy response capacity also contributes to daily tasks. It’s a pleasure to type, and I enjoyed using the 510K in our office. The muted design means that it is also a perfect modest companion for a working environment. This outstanding performance is what matters. And the USB throughput is excellent too, along with a sturdy braided cable that you can’t sniff. But the simple act of gaming or typing is where the value of a keyboard is determined. The 510K passes with flying colors.


Customising the keyboard can be fun with their light linkage system allowing you to customise the lights to the game you are playing. Using the AlienFX RGB lighting tab within the Alienware Command Center app you can customise different lights to different buttons. You can not only program different buttons to be different colours but zones as well. If you are not super creative yourself there are presets you can use within the app, too.

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In the competitive world of gaming gear, and in the competitive gaming world itself, the AW510K makes its mark, being compared to even the logitech G915, which has a waaay higher price, costing $250 (USD). No need to worry about having to settle, either.

The AW510K matches right up, and even has an edge over the G915 with (in our opinion) nicer “low-profile” design. By costing more than only half of the price as the G915, one of the best keyboards at this time, it’s definitely a solid competitor.

And it will surely make you a solid competitor in the gaming world. As Alienware always has been doing, they are providing you with an essential tool for gaming, and if you’re just doing work on your PC. For those who aren’t yet used to the quick responsiveness of the Cherry MX Red switches, it will surely take a bit to adjust, but those that have already made the transition are very satisfied.

Youtube tech reviewers and tech websites have noted this, and have also stated how much they enjoyed the speed at which they could type, and the fluency of the switches while gaming. Shannon Morse, a Youtuber who reviews consumer tech products, is someone who was not used to the switches, but was still able to find joy in using the AW510K.

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